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Extract from a work in progress, © Copyright, follow @j_g_fitzgerald on TW for further extracts; 1 The vision Great change begins with small events, signs and omens of seemingly little significance. Later, when people recall the turning points, patterns appear in hindsight. Obscure words and trivial happenings acquire meaning and are elevated in memory. People who may have attracted little attention in their own time are revealed as authors of a new, uncharted future. Kathleen Daly paused in the elevated stone entrance of a church. She pushed open the heavy oak door and stepped into the dark interior. A shaft of light swung into the deep silence. A hint of incense lingered, like disturbed spirits, in the air. An old man stood with his head bowed, praying in front of a statue of Saint Anthony, illuminated by candles flickering on a wax-encrusted stand. Two elderly women knelt with their heads bowed, clasping rosary beads, whispering sibilant prayers. Kathleen wasn’t especially dev

Defend EU citizens, reject the WA

Citizens of EU states are threatened by a loss of lawful rights and liberty under the flawed Withdrawal Agreement. EU citizens who live in the UK must now apply to stay in their own homes, with an uncertain future. Citizens in Northern Ireland will lose their fundamental rights under EU law and will soon face barriers and restrictions on their freedom to do business and live where they chose. UK citizens living in the EU face the loss of healthcare and new rules concerning income and eligibility for residence in their homes. Millions of citizens made significant life choices, within EU and national laws, but they are now threatened with serious and, in some cases, life-threatening disruption. UK government ministers have stated they want to use EU citizens as “bargaining chips”, for leverage in future negotiations. The UK government plans to diverge from EU law. UK courts will be free to make judgments eroding citizens’ rights, with no right of appeal to the European Court of Justice