Undeliverable Brexit

Brexiter leaders have a problem. They persuaded millions of people to vote to leave the EU by promising nothing would change, massive new funds would flow to the NHS, UK could have its cake & eat it & they would enjoy the "easiest trade deal in human history".

Brexiters promised UK citizens they would still enjoy the benefits of EU membership, without the responsibilities, despite clear statements from EU leaders that "cherry picking" wouldn't be allowed. Brexiters claimed EU leaders & experts were peddling "project fear". "We've had enough of experts", “we’ll hold all the cards”. (M Gove). Three years after the referendum, the truth is out.

The EU27 can never offer better terms for a non-member than for members. The cost of Brexshit will devour any savings, the NHS will be harmed, not helped & UK will have inferior trade terms compared with EU membership. The promises made to voters in 2016 can't be delivered. Leavers promised a deal with the EU which was never on offer. It's undemocratic to try to force thru a result achieved by lies & delusional promises. No amount of Tory bluster will change these fundamental truths, kept hidden from UK voters by a smokescreen of disinformation put out by the Tory press.

Voters must have the choice to confirm if what's on offer now is what they were promised in 2016. Tory MPs know the answer. That's why they don't want to let voters decide. Voters must & will decide, it's the only way to resolve the crisis.


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