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Brexit, rejecting reality

Imagine calling your phone providers to tell them you’ve had enough of their oppressive rules & tariffs and you’re cancelling the contract but you expect them to provide the same service in future, free of charge. How's that likely to work out? Imagine calling your mortgage lender to tell them you’ve decided to tear up the oppressive loan contract, you won’t make any more payments but you expect them to let you to continue using the property. How do you think they'd react? Imagine cancelling your rental agreements on a property, or a lease for a car and telling the providers you expect to continue as if nothing had changed while ignoring the contract rules and refusing to pay anything. A reasonable person would agree these are nonsensical propositions, certain to be rejected and sure to end in tears. Nobody in their right mind would propose such madness but that’s exactly what Brexiters propose Britain should do in respect of 50 years of treaties, agreements and joint v