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Fox's favourite Brexit chicken, USA style

Fox's favourites, tasty chicken USA style, soon to be available here. NHS waiting lists and overpopulation solved at a stroke. Immigrants won't be around for long once they've tasted Fox's favourites. And as for those pesky Remainers, there'll be nobody left to complain about Brexit once they've sampled the Salmonella Special. Brexit means Wrecksit, you know it's a load of chickensh%t.

Brexit delay, EU must spell it out for Britain

Preparations for Brexit are in confusion as the divided Tory government struggles to get its business through a hung parliament. The Labour opposition is as divided, while both main parties face more defections to the Independent group of MPs. There isn't enough time to complete all legal & administrative steps for an orderly Brexit on 29th March. Senior government ministers accept a delay will be needed, the most frequently touted final exit date is the end of June. It's likely the arguments & the complex task of implementation may not be complete by then. There are serious risks of a disorderly exit causing harm to citizens, businesses, academic and civic organisations. Tory ministers, like most UK commentators, ignore the inconvenient fact that Britain can apply for an extended time limit but the EU27 will decide the outcome and EU states have a very different view from feuding MPs. EU states are unlikely to agree on a temporary fix, to get Mrs Mayem out of her la