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Brexit free Trade lies

Enthusiasts for quitting the EU claim that British business will be liberated to trade freely with countries like China and India, implying that this is impossible now. My business experience, in India, shows that Brexit campaigners have got their facts, and their arithmetic, badly wrong. I know of UK, Dutch & German businesses which have traded very successfully in India and emerging markets for years, under EU rules that Brexiters claim are an obstruction to free trade. Tories like Jacob Rees Mogg have suggested British business could benefit by dropping standards to Indian levels, with big savings for the UK. I saw shockingly hazardous working conditions, including child labour, in India. If Britain were to drop to that level we would see a rapid increase in workplace injuries, disease and welfare costs with litigation arising from injury claims. One of the worst Brexit lies is that wages and living standards in general are driven down by immigration. Many immigrants are e