West Tyrone oppose Brexit

West Tyrone voted 66% for Remain in the EU referendum. The DUP don’t care, they want a hard, destructive Brexit, against the wishes of the people of Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein won’t do anything about it, even though they could use their Westminster seats to kill any prospect of border disruption. Lady Sylvia Hermon is the lone NI voice against Brexit at Westminster. She needs support against the DUP who refuse to recognise the clear Remain vote by the Northern Ireland electorate.

The only candidate who promises to oppose Brexit at Westminster, in the interests of Unionists and Nationalists alike, is Daniel McCrossan. Every MP’s vote counts in the hung parliament. Make your vote work for you and tilt the balance against Brexit.
Lend your support & vote McCrossan SDLP to ensure action on your behalf against Brexit at Westminster.


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