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Is Brexit the only cure for Brexit?

There's a saying in commodities markets; the best cure for high prices is high prices, they encourage higher production and thereby resolve supply issues that pushed prices higher in the first place. Similarly, it can be argued the best cure for Brexit may be Brexit. The best way to resolve theological arguments about free trade, nasty Europeans and the customs union might be a spell outside the customs union and the European free trade area. Voters could judge for themselves whether they are better off, or not, after a few years outside the hated EU. Discovering the truth of the Leave/Remain arguments through hard experience is the adult equivalent of a child breaking a toy to discover how it works. The mounting evidence of economic, academic and cultural harm can't be ignored. If Britain goes through with separation from the EU it's likely to lead to a lost decade, at least, followed by slow recognition, recrimination and eventual negotiation of re-entry to the EU in

May fears breakup of UK

Who, in their right mind, would buy a house and fail to inspect the property for two years afterwards? Nobody, you might say but that’s exactly what the Tory government have done, propped-up by their DUP Brexit allies. Now, two years after the EU referendum debate and over a year after issuing the Article 50 notice, the Tory cabinet has divided into factions arguing furiously over the ways and means by which the UK might extract itself from the EU. If you think that debate should have happened before the referendum vote, or the Article 50 notice, there is a good chance you will be accused of being an “enemy of the people”, or “unpatriotic” by Tory Brexit fanatics who still refuse to acknowledge evidence or reason. The DUP are in a very curious position, pushing for a destructive break with Europe at great risk for their constituents. The DUP claim EU exit will not require any new infrastructure or delays at the Irish border, despite masses of evidence to the contrary. Sinn Fein are

Tory feud threatens Britain

Thriller movies often end with a post-climax resurrection when the villain, shot in a titanic struggle with the heroic victim, suddenly reappears to strike a final, unexpected blow. Tories must be wondering whether the UKIP monster has truly been slain or is there a risk it might rise again in a deadly sequel? Labour centrists have no such doubts. Their nightmare under the muddled leadership (“muddleship?”) of Jeremy Corbyn is set to continue. Tory and Labour leaders feel bound to go ahead with Brexit, despite their obvious misgivings, officially to keep faith with the “will of the people”. In plain English, both main parties are desperately scheming to prevent a nightmare resurrection of UKIP. The national interest is a secondary concern. The precise form of EU exit is disputed as ferociously as ever. Some aspects of the way ahead are a little clearer after the local elections. BBC and SKY TV have extrapolated voting intentions, showing a broadly similar outcome. Local elections a

West Tyrone oppose Brexit

West Tyrone voted 66% for Remain in the EU referendum. The DUP don’t care, they want a hard, destructive Brexit, against the wishes of the people of Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein won’t do anything about it, even though they could use their Westminster seats to kill any prospect of border disruption. Lady Sylvia Hermon is the lone NI voice against Brexit at Westminster. She needs support against the DUP who refuse to recognise the clear Remain vote by the Northern Ireland electorate. The only candidate who promises to oppose Brexit at Westminster, in the interests of Unionists and Nationalists alike, is Daniel McCrossan. Every MP’s vote counts in the hung parliament. Make your vote work for you and tilt the balance against Brexit. Lend your support & vote McCrossan SDLP to ensure action on your behalf against Brexit at Westminster.