Brexit winners & losers

Brexit winners; Farage, JRM, Redwood & hedge fund disaster speculators.
Well done Nigel, hope you enjoy your Euro pension. It’s gone up in value since the pound tanked, after the EU advisory referendum. More ups and downs on the financial markets suit Hedge Funds very well, but that’s bad news for the rest of us.

Brexit losers; everyone else. British workers, investors, professionals, academics. pensioners and business owners will be squeezed by the ill-effects of Brexit for years to come. Manufacturers, banks and professional services providers make investment decisions years ahead. Many are now diverting investment to Europe. That will hurt everyone in Britain & pensions linked to these investments will suffer.

We have elections every few years so that people can decide who governs Britain, locally and at Westminster. When things change people have the right to think again, that’s democracy.

The advisory EU referendum was obscured by lies and misdirection. Get all the facts out and allow the British people a proper, final say.

That’s what taking back control is all about.


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