Blah, blah Brexit

Chaotic preparations for Brexit are damaging Britain's economic prospects, investment and reputation. With less than a year to go until Brexit there is no clear plan. Government ministers continue to squabble over the basic question; "what kind of Brexit will we have?"

The Labour opposition are as confused and divided over Brexit as the Conservative government. Jeremy Corbyn is officially supporting Brexit while ducking the blame, (to avoid antagonising most of his party who supported remain) using the old Leninist trick of giving his Tory opponents enough rope to hang themselves. His now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t version of Brexit requires delicate footwork to keep both Remain and Leave sides on board. Jez kept the illusion alive for a surprisingly long time but Labour unity is beginning to crack as his cynical posturing becomes obvious.

The latest sign that all is not well came when Labour's Foreign affairs spokesperson, Emily Thornberry (who, we now discover, dislikes being called “Lady”) confused everyone, including her own party, with a speech on "blah, blah Brexit", whatever that means.

Labour anti-EU comrades have been seriously outclassed in the quest for the ultimate hard Brexit by a commanding display of Brussels-bashing from the Tory Taliban. Comrade Corbyn made a catch-up effort recently, with a Faragiste speech on immigration. Jez hoped to sneak this one past the metrosexual elite by delivering his tirade in Scotland, where nothing short of nuclear war would normally attract much attention from south of the border. Jez is showing his lack of awareness of instant news on the mobile web. His UKIP-lite outburst was noticed by many in England, notably two-thirds of Labour MPs who represent remain constituencies and most of the youthful, pro-EU, momentum supporters.

The Umunna-Lammy Labour remainers aren't happy with Jez's gyrations and they are not alone. Labour has many pro-EU members like Lord Adonis who has been struggling with his conscience over his party's Brexit policy. Current state of play; Adonis 1, Conscience 0.

Madame "Don't call me Lady" Thornberry stepped into this maelstrom of confusion by issuing a memorably incomprehensible endorsement of the Tory "blah, blah" Brexit. Labour, she claims, will support, and vote for, the Tories' nonsensical Brexit mess regardless of national interest or alternative outcomes. It matters not to non-Lady Thornberry that British firms researching advanced technologies like satellite navigation will no longer be eligible to participate in contracts reserved for EU member states. She is blissfully unconcerned at the destruction of EU citizens’ rights. The hostile environment for immigrants, including people who came to the UK as children, part of the Brexit fall-out, is of no concern to non-Madame Thornberry, who is intent on following the Tories into the division lobby to vote for Brexit, come what may.
"Oh no we won't" the Umunna - Labourites responded, predictably.
"Oh yes we will" cried Labour-UKIP enthusiasts Hoey, Skinner & co.
"Look behind you," the audience called as Kier Starmer appeared in the shadows clutching a dagger aimed at the allegedly non-noble Thornberry's back.

Anyone who assumed that Labour under Comrade Jez was taking a clearer, more unified, pro EU line is in for a shock. The veteran hard-left rebel is as intent as Mrs Mayhem on leading his troops into battle in support of Brexit, regardless of logic or cost. The Lab-Tory Brexit alliance is alive and unwell and will not be deflected from destroying Britain's future and its relationship with the EU nation-states by trivialities like facts, economic impact or evidence of electoral manipulation.

Fact check; Millions of EU citizens living & working in the UK, who were denied a vote in the EU referendum, will have the opportunity to vote in the local elections on 3rd May.

EU citizens should be encouraged to register, and vote for pro-EU parties. The pro-Brexit parties, both Tories and Labour need a good kicking at the local elections to remind them who's in charge.


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