Manexit; Manchester United votes leave!

Imagine the scene, the management of the Premier League are startled to receive a letter from Manchester United; “We hereby give notice of our intention to leave the Premiership. We no longer recognise your rules or your hated referees and administrators. We will make no more financial contributions to your running costs, while carrying on as if nothing changed. We require you to allow us to play in the Premiership, under rules which we alone will decide, a mixture of cricket, water polo and football (or any other daft rules we decide on). We will be free to play with global giants like Beijing United, Washington Rednecks and Kuala Lumpur Rovers using our own rules, and our own referees. We will no longer allow visiting fans access to our grounds. We expect our fans to continue to have full access to all Premiership games. We also require you to ensure we participate in the European Champions League every year, regardless of results, along with t.v. rights and all the other benefits of membership. I am sure you will agree this is a very reasonable proposal and look forward to our new bespoke, deep and special partnership in global, isolationist, exclusively Manchester, cricket-water polo-football.”

And the Premiership response? (Chose from the following.)
1. Fall over laughing.
2. Call the men in white coats.
3. Send a two-word reply; “Sod off.”
4. All of the above.


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