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The book of Jez 5

It was amazing to think how much had changed in the year since Jez’s first elevation to the leader’s chair. His enemies were scattered in confusion. The first triumph was ..... triumphant but now, having been rudely dethroned by his enemies, he was back, elected for the second time with an even larger majority. The ranks of nay-sayers, closet Tories, pinkoes and Blairites were in despair. They threw everything against Jez not once, but twice. The members, swelled by massed ranks of entryists, Tory running dogs and registered hangers-on, carried him to victory a second time. Halleluia, truly the future was Jez’s. Who now remembered the Lady Yvette, the upstart Burnham, and the arch-Tory Kendall? They were forgotten, languishing in obscurity on the BBC sofas and the Daily Politics show. A new generation of rebels came after them, Eagle and Smith (who?). They were dispatched even more emphatically than the first lot. Jez reigned supreme. Look on my works ye mighty ...... While Jez batt